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How to open a yoga studio

How to open a yoga studio

Yoga classes were always out of time and fashion. And demand for such classes remains stable even in difficult financial times.

If you do not want to open a large fitness club, you can organize a small studio, which will provide employment for yoga.



To get started, log in as an individualentrepreneur and get all the documents authorizing activities in the registration office and tax office. No special license is not necessary to obtain.


Find the right gym. Searching the area, keep in mind that everyone is engaged in the hall, there should be at least 2 square meters and the whole club - at least 5-6 sq.m. If in addition to the aerobic room you do not plan any additional services, the total area of ​​the yoga studio can be 50-60 sq.m. In addition, you need space for the reception, changing rooms with toilet and shower, a room for the staff.


If the room is not repaired, then itwill have to make their own means and forces. Paint the room in neutral, soothing colors. One of the walls has to be mirrored with handrails. On the floor lay a special non-slip laminate or floorboard. Install shelving for storage of necessary equipment for practicing sports: yoga mats, blankets, "bricks", belts. Place the sound system for music. If the building does not have air-conditioning system, install the air conditioner for the room alone.


To meet the needs of visitors studio secretary atreception, which is necessary to issue a special table. Just put in the corridor chairs or a sofa waiting for employment, a cooler with drinking water, a refrigerator with extra drinks. The walls decorate the posters on the subject of Yoga. Be sure to hang up the board with the class schedule and information about each instructor and the direction of yoga, which he leads.


In the dressing room - male and female - should bebathroom and showers, at least two. It could be just a shower, closed the curtains. In addition to the lockers for clothes, put benches for changing the rate of one to two visitors. If the electrical power system allows, put a sauna. This service attracts more customers.


But the main emphasis is on the coaching staffclub. Ideally, all yoga instructors must not only have a higher physical education, training and experience in the great yoga guru. Directions Yoga should be taught a few: for beginners, advanced, power yoga, baby, for pregnant women. Make a schedule so that no one o'clock the hall was not empty. Only in this way can achieve high returns, and recover all the investment.

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