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How to Open a Yoga Studio


How to Open a Yoga Studio</a>

Yoga classes have always been out of time and fashion. And the demand for such classes remains stable even in difficult financial times.

If you do not want to open a large fitness club, you can organize a small studio, where they will give classes only in yoga.



To start, register as an individualEntrepreneur and receive all the documents authorizing the activity in the registration chamber and the tax inspection. No special licenses are required.


Find a suitable classroom. When looking for a square, take into account that for each person involved in the hall, there must be at least 2 square meters, and in general on the club - not less than 5-6 sq.m. If in addition to the aerobic hall you do not plan any additional services, then the total area of ​​the yoga studio can be 50-60 sq.m. In addition you will need a place under the reception, locker rooms with a bathroom and showers, a room for staff.


If the room is not repaired, then itsWill have to be made by own means and forces. Paint the room in neutral, calm colors. One of the walls must be mirrored with handrails. On the floor lay a special non-slip laminate or parquet board. Install racks for storing the necessary sports equipment: yoga mats, blankets, "bricks", belts. Put the audio system for music. If the building does not have an air-conditioning system, then set the conditioner for the hall separately.


Meet the visitors of the studio should the secretary atReception, for which you need to draw a special table. Also in the hallway, put chairs or a sofa for waiting classes, a cooler with drinking water, a refrigerator with extra drinks. Wall decorate with posters on the topic of yoga. Be sure to hang a board with a schedule of classes and information about each instructor and about the direction of yoga that he leads.


In the locker room - male and female - must beBathroom and shower cabins, at least two. It can be just showers, closed with curtains. In addition to lockers for clothes, put the shops for changing clothes at a rate of one for two visitors. If power systems electrics allow, put a sauna. This service attracts a lot more customers.


But the main emphasis is on the coaching staffClub. Ideally, all yoga instructors should have not only a higher physical education, but also experience in training with the greatest yoga gurus. Yoga directions should be taught a few: for beginners, advanced, power yoga, nursery, for pregnant women. Schedule make sure that not one hour the hall is not empty. This is the only way to achieve high returns and return all invested funds.

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