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How to open a guest visa


How to open a guest visa</a>

A visa is an official permit to enter that country.Or another country. The visa can be business, diplomatic, transit, and if you go to the country at the invitation of friends of relatives or travel agencies, you will need a guest visa.

How to open it?



First of all, the host party, that is,Your friends or relatives who are abroad should draw up and send you an invitation to the country. Also as an invitation may be a ticket from a travel company. Thus they guarantee that you, being in the territory of another state, will observe all the rules and laws. That is why in obtaining this type of visa, only 5% of cases are refused. The guest visa does not give the right to work inside the country and is issued, as a rule, for a period of not more than a year.


Choose the following package of documents: Valid foreign passport, photos of the required sample, invitation. These are the most common documents needed in the Schengen countries. If, for example, you are going to travel to the USA or Canada, you will have to collect documents confirming your connections in Russia: certificates of possession of property, marriage certificate and birth of children, certificates from the place of work.


Fill out the questionnaire in the language of the host country orin English. It specifies the passport data of the applicant, the purpose of arrival in the country, the term of being in it, the address. It could be hotels or a house of friends who invited you. Also specify other valid visas and their term. If you receive a guest visa to Germany, then you automatically have the right to visit any other Schengen country without having to issue additional documents. To the questionnaire you need to attach a photo of 3x4 on a white background.


Pay the entrance fee. The amount and the bank you will be called in the consulate.


If the host country so requires, go throughInterview. For example, when you enter America, no documents will help you get a visa if you can not convince a consular officer that you are not going to stay in the country forever. Special difficulties may arise in young unmarried girls who have a great chance to meet their future husband abroad.

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