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How to open a travel agency

Deliver customer anywhere in the world - a task quite solved

Travel business ? quite specific field of activity. Therefore it is necessary to remember that a successful manager of a travel company is often the one who is in this area already? Dog ate ?, operating hired manager.

In order to take the start and simply open a travel agency, it is necessary not so much.

You will need

  • - A set of documents (including the certificate of registration or SP Ltd.)
  • - Equipped office space (rented or own)
  • - Staff (2-5 persons)
  • - Advertising means (outdoor advertising, website, promoters services)



Make a business plan for the future? Enterprise?As can be more sober and with a margin calculate budget. Pre-how to learn the state of the market of tourist services in your area: the level of competition among travel agencies today is very high. If you do not believe in the objectivity of their own vision of the market situation, consult a specialist in the field of marketing research.


Go through the necessary legal procedures,relating to the registration of the new company. Travel company can be registered as a limited liability company or the name of an individual entrepreneur. Obligatory state licensing of travel agencies canceled, therefore, concluded a contract with a tour operator, you can start to work.


Remove or purchase in the property andequip office space, well before that thought over its location. The respectable business centers are based a few tourist companies working with individual VIP-clients. For the newly established travel agencies will be ideal place easily accessible large crowds? in downtown areas or in the trade fair complex.


Pick employees for his office, forstart, create a minimum, most essential state. Apart from one or two managers, selling tours, you will need an accountant, and in some cases? security guard. Hire is possible and the director of travel company, but often the agency director himself is his master.


Think about your strategy and advertising agencyimmediately begin to implement it. Advertising should make clear to people what are the advantages of a travel agency on the other. There will also be advisable to seek the services of professionals in the field of advertising and PR.

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