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How to open your transport company


Expansion of the fleet is the number one task for the transport company</a>

Transport company ? Not the kind of business that you can order to be created by someone? Turnkey? And get everything right away to get to the market as one of the leading players.

Transport traffic usually starts small, and only in time this activity takes the form of a large company with its own fleet of cars.

You will need

  • 1. A truck with a body volume of at least 10 m3
  • 2. Established business relations with forwarding companies
  • 3. Opportunities for further expansion of your car fleet
  • 4. Ability to select drivers for individual orders and for permanent employment
  • 5. Over time? Contract with the service center for the maintenance of all your cars, as well as a contract for the wholesale purchase of fuel



Buy a truck? Here's the first thing you're likely to start your journey with. Naturally, this should not be a tractor with a trailer (what is called a "wagon")? To begin transport transportations better with the import analogue? Gazelle ?, whose body volume is a little more than ten? Cubes ?. The cost of the same? ? Several million rubles, it is profitable to use for long-distance flights, and they will be too risky for you at the initial stage.


Start to start a business relationship with?Dispatchers? ? Forwarding companies, picking up to fulfill the orders they have taken private carriers. The cost of delivering the goods that the client company offers and the profits that you receive from the forwarding agents are very different, but directly with the private traders? Large customers do not work. Therefore, if you want to receive profitable orders for yourself, work with as many "dispatchers" as possible, get into their databases as a conscientious and responsible executor.


Invest all that you can inExpansion of the park? Their cars? This means that having saved up money for the second car, you need to try to save them and the third. Only having at its disposal eight trucks, you can consider yourself a serious company. Services of transport companies assume a much wider range of opportunities than assistance in moving to a new office or a country cottage. Of course, we need to strive for receiving tenders for freight forwarding to other regions of the country.


Develop for yourself a reliable, as far as it isPerhaps, a system of selecting drivers who can trust machinery and expensive goods. Find a good driver for a "wagon"? ? The task is not always simple, especially when you consider that the cost of delivering the goods sometimes is not one hundred thousand rubles. Checking the past? Candidates can be with the help of collection firms or individuals providing similar services. It's possible that driver's shots in the transportation business do not solve everything completely, but without trusted drivers, you are far away exactly? Will not you leave ?.

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