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Until recently, almost every car ownerI considered inevitable for themselves the responsibility of their own to change the wheel on the car. Now the situation has changed? not to mention a considerable number of the fair sex behind the wheel, not all male drivers see relevant for themselves engage in such work, and charge it to professionals.

For this reason, tire fitting shops in the cities are growing like mushrooms after rain, and it is not surprising? in fact organize this kind? automobile business? really simple.

You will need

  • 1. The set of equipment
  • 2. The stock of consumables
  • 3.? Base? in a room on the ground floor or the trailer (container)
  • 4. Two employees
  • 5. The certificate of registration of IP



Purchase equipment for mounting, whichIt will be used in your workshop. Standard set? tire changer, wheel balancer, a compressor, a vulcanizer and a few jacks. It will be necessary to get more stock of consumables? repair kits for repairing tires.


Find a place that is suitable for locationtire. Landmarks? a major highway at the entrance to the city, or a petrol station, good things are going and tire shop, located inside the large housing estates. If successful in your opinion there is no suitable place (or even of whatsoever) space? it does not matter under the tire will fit a mobile trailer that is not connected to any utilities.


Take a job in his? A tire-company? two people? the master and his assistant. They must be efficient and to have an idea about how to remove a wheel, to fulfill his balance and put back. Quite often, the owner of the workshop did not hesitate to carry out the work itself, special training, this type of activity is not required.


Think about what services your tire changerworkshop could provide in addition to the standard. It can be deposited? Seasonal rubber ?, which does not know does not have a garage where the car owner to keep from spring to late autumn, and from late autumn until spring. Another popular service today? ? Mobile tire? on-site, where the customer is left without wheels, waiting for your help.

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