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How to open a store in Tomsk

How to open a store in Tomsk

Tomsk - one of the largest cities in Siberia. Through it passes a number of federal highways.

Competition in a number of commercial sectors is low, can not be said about the population.

How to open a store in Tomsk?



Selecting client audience - the most important decision for the owner of any shop. The successful opening of the need to understand that Tomsk - primarily a student city.


As Director of Enterprise of the Futureselect a local resident, was held to study in Tomsk. It will be good to know the city and student realities. Search professionals can spend on portals and hh.ru Sareer.ru.


After selecting a specialization and the hiring manager can register a company. Notaries of the Bar Association and lawyers Tomsk help you fulfill all the "paper" procedure.


Store Location near major universities -serious competitive advantage. Grocery stores, it is desirable to open in the "place of settlement" students - a small number of students buy bread or milk next to the university. To resettlement places are not only areas with student dormitories, but also suburbs, where visiting students rent apartments and rooms.


Popular agency "Dorus» (Dorus) and "Dom70» (Dom70.ru) will help you choose a trading area in a suitable location.


Municipal Property Rentals will allow you andsave money, and get a "tasty" places at the same time. However, it shall be such profitable areas infrequently. View will be listed in the official portal of the tender "Public procurement» (Zakupki.gov.ru). For simplicity, enter the search menu "Rent Tomsk".


Booker you can find with the directorstore or on a permanent basis, or freelance. A remote worker can save the budget is not strong business (you can find it on FL.ru or Freelansim project).

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