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How to open a shop of computer goods


Excellent business for beginners - sale of computer products: flash drives, mouse, keyboard, etc.

Huge selection of what can be put on the shelves.

And all of these you use in your daily life. All of you are familiar.

And what's new you can "meet" on the Internet, in computer magazines.

You will need

  • 1) Certificate of IP
  • 2) place to shop.
  • 3) Suppliers
  • 4) product.
  • 5) Sellers.
  • 6) Advertising.



Certificate IP is the tax per week. And the stamp duty is not a problem - 800 rubles.


To open your department need not soand more. It is desirable in a public place to rent a 5-10 square meters. meters. Well if it is in the grocery store where people buy their daily food. Oh, and incidentally, are in your store things they need.


You need to find suppliers in your town,which will regularly bring you a range of products. At least once a week is necessary to replenish the shelves. And take with a reserve on a case of failure ... You can not have time to make a claim, due to some force majeure. Some vendors provide installment payment order. For example, 2 weeks after receipt of the goods. But it is better to pay it all at once and on time.


If your funds allow, immediately purchase a variety of goods in large quantities:
computer mice,
memory cards,
card readers,
network filters,
rechargeable batteries,
disc CD / DVD ...
The list can be supplemented with graphics cards, modulesmemory, external and internal hard drives, coolers, ink, toner, sound cards, video cards, motherboards motherboards, TV-tuners, monitors, tablets, printers, scanners, and so on ... But as long as enough, and listed from computer mice to DVD.


Sold by the department of computer products can beof any age, from age to elderly and retired. The main thing is to understood that sells. Young people know virtually your entire range of products, and does not require special training. If you decide to hire a person in years, it will be necessary to spend not a big educational program on modern digital technology. But in general, nothing complicated, and within a few days a new employee fully mastered.


Remember, advertising is not a lot happens. People need to know about you, remember to think about you (possibly good), and if they need anything, they will visit your shop.
And so, what you need:
1) The most noticeable sign
2) site on the Internet
3) advertising in the media (not necessarily)
4) Advertising in transport (optional)

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