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How to open a shop chemistry

How to open a shop chemistry

Store household chemicals success depends on the right of the selected position of its owner. In the literal and figurative sense of the word.

The proximity of the already declared themselves large network points will almost certainly be fatal.

But the peculiarity of the retail market of consumer goods is that the demand for these products is always there? the main thing that the buyer came for him a necessary item is in your store.

What should be done to successfully implement his plan in life?

You will need

  • 1. Placement
  • 2. Shop fittings
  • 3. Documentation Package
  • 4. Commercial and administrative staff
  • 5. Outdoor advertising



Pay as much attention to the search andselection of premises for a shop. Poorly chosen its location may be no exaggeration to cause the failure of the entire undertaking. It is important to store household chemicals in the place was a large gathering of people (first floor of the building on a wide street), but? at some distance from the point to the same range.


Equip the store in accordance with the requirementspermitting organizations and the goals that you set for yourself. Before buying commercial equipment, determined that your case is suitable more for the sale of household chemicals? countertop self-service or trade. Find out exactly what documentation is required to open such a store, and pre-assemble the necessary documents.


Decide what range yourproduct is presented, in accordance with this? with some providers you will be working. Focuses on the production of well-known and expensive brands? not always a good solution. Firstly, the distributors of such products dictate, rather stringent requirements, and secondly, if it is to prevail like product, the store has a reputation? Expensive place ?.


Type this command for the new store, withattention to the organization and holding of specialized training. Commercial household cleaning products has its own specific and may require additional training. Organization of the work of personnel in any store is of great importance? it can not be neglected in any case.


Make sure that the new storehousehold chemical goods people know. The most important thing to do is advance to arrange outdoor advertising, as far as possible attractive announcing the opening of the store, which should furnish an original and solemn.

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