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How to open a shoe store

How to open a shoe store

Preparations for the opening of the shoe store, as well as almost any other, accompanied by a number of market research.

Only the information obtained as a result of this analysis, will make it clear, it is appropriate at all to conceive this thing or not.

And if the answer were positive, it should start with a few? Basic? operations.

You will need

  • 1. Placement
  • 2. The initial staff (2? 5 people)
  • 3. The set of commercial equipment
  • 4. Documentation Package



Decide how you set up shopgoing. This can be averaged over the volume of the goods and the price point scale, can be a boutique luxury shoes, maybe? shoe supermarket, a large shoe store with self-service. Select the format in many ways defines the requirements for premises and staff.


Start searching the premises and, if appropriate, andsuccessful on all counts is an area you can not find, rent what is available at the moment. For shoe store importantly, what will be its neighborhood. Perfect option ? other stores selling clothing, cosmetics and perfumes, or any consumer goods.


Employ a minimum staff required to workto? start? employees. In any case, need one or two sales assistant, it is also desirable to immediately find an experienced administrator and accountant. Purchasing the first consignment of goods is most likely the owner, but eventually also need a purchasing manager.


Buy a set of commercial equipment on the basis ofwhich class is your shoe store, and what funds you can invest in it at the initial stage. Price spread of commercial equipment can be very high? of b / y to class? premium ?.


Try as much as possible to resolve issues faster,associated with the legal formalities. Collect package founding and initial permits, submit documents for consideration by the appropriate government agencies.

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