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How to open a second store

How to open a second-hand shop

Despite the abundance of inexpensive clothing stores, second-hands do not lose their relevance.

They buy clothes as not very wealthy citizens, and young people who want to be fashionable, but do not have the money for it.

Indeed, in the second-hand, you can find branded items.

Given the specificity of the specified, then open the second hand is no more difficult than a regular store.



The most difficult thing when you open a second-hand - selectionStore locations and suppliers. From the place depends on your success. It makes no sense to open second-hand or in a respectable business districts. Here are more suitable old bedroom. It is not necessary (regardless of region) have a shop in the courts because of him, no one will know. But the location next to a supermarket will cost advantageous. Also good, if there are public transport stops. Important large passenger flow, and need to get it consisted of people who may be interested in second-hand.


Second-hand goods is very specific. Understandably, it is the goods of poor quality, but the concept of "low quality" is very different from different suppliers. entrepreneur's task in the opening second-hand is to buy at the lowest cost is still relatively normal goods. It is believed that the best quality product comes from England and European countries, but in any case it is important to be alert and to check the well-received games.


To open the second hand will need to bedo the following: - Advertise the new second-hand store. The earlier you know about, the better. Best suited signage, lettering on the asphalt, advertising in social setyah-
- Find more providers (this is usually done via the Internet or through friends, if someone of them also engaged in such business) -
- Find and rent a room for magazina-
- Register entity (LLC), or to register as an individual predprinimatelya-
- To purchase equipment, hire staff.

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