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How to open a retro cafe


How to open a retro cafe</a>

Creating a catering establishment is a reliable way of investing. But you need to attract customers.

One of the possible ways of acquiring new visitors is the unusual format of the retro café.

Choice of premises, furnishings

From the choice of premises for your retro cafe will beDirectly depend on the number of visitors. It is desirable that the building is located as close as possible either to the center of your village, or to the historic part of the city. Also, the big advantage will be the availability of the building, in which you will rent (buy) the room, its history.
For interior finishing it is desirable to useTraditional materials: wood, fabric. If you do not have the financial ability to use natural parquet, it will be sufficient to use a high-quality linoleum "dark wood" or "marble". To attract visitors can also dishes "for silver", crystal or thin glass.

Advertising and marketing

It is not enough to create a retro café, it is also necessary to attractVisitors, because they will bring you prosperity, will allow your institution to stay afloat. One of the most important problems for the new cafe is positioning. You have to clearly imagine which audience your cafe can attract. If it's students, then it's best to advertise it in universities, youth publications of the city, on online resources. You can connect contextual advertising. A well-thought-out lunch offer (with favorable prices) will allow you to attract a young audience.
People of mature age preferableAttract attractive offers for companies, show sports events. Radio and local TV will be the most suitable advertising platforms. Often small radio stations, popular with mature people, are ready to accept as a prize for the contest a certificate for an evening at a retro café.

What do you eat in retro cafes?

Making up a menu for retro cafes is just as muchImportant task, like choosing a good place and attracting new visitors. If people do not like the assortment of your cafe, they will not come to you again. But it is the regular visitors who can protect your institution in difficult times.
It is advisable to entrust the creation of the menu to the chefFamous restaurant (drinking establishment). Part of your audience will come for a solid meal, the rest will just want to spend time in a pleasant atmosphere, a bit of a snack. Therefore, first you will need to provide a set of soups, meat dishes and side dishes, the second is to have desserts, drinks, salads and snacks.
You can focus on the traditional Russian(Pancakes, okroshka, hops) or European (fruit, beef, artichokes, wine) to the kitchen. Week of cuisine of different countries and periods can be alternated - the main thing to indicate this information in the menu.

Activities, entertainment

The selection of the team of animators and facilitators is usuallyIgnored by the owners of pubs and cafes, although it is people who are the soul of any place. If you manage to make sure that people can not only eat, drink and communicate with each other within your walls, but also come to interesting events, then your retro café will not be threatened.
Performing poetry evenings, "Mafia" inCostumes and dresses, creative meetings with photographers and musicians can make a name for your retro café. So you will gain popularity, visitors and the flow of money.

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