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How to open a retro cafe

How to open a retro cafe

Creation of catering - a reliable way to invest. But it is necessary to attract customers.

One possible way of acquiring new customers is an unusual retro-cafe format.

Selection of the room, the atmosphere

The choice of accommodation for your retro-cafe willdirectly depend on the number of visitors. It is desirable that the building was as close as possible to the center or to your locality or to the historic district. Also the biggest advantage will be the presence of the building in which you will hire (buy) a room, its history.
For the interior decoration, it is desirable to usetraditional materials: wood, cloth. If you do not have the financial ability to use the parquet will be enough to use a high-quality linoleum "dark wood" or "marble". To attract visitors and be able to dishes "under the silver", crystal or thin glass.

Advertising and Marketing

Few create a retro cafe, it is necessary also to drawvisitors, because they will bring you wealth, will allow your institution to keep afloat. One of the major challenges for the new positioning of the café becomes. You need to be clear what the audience will be able to get your cafe. If they are students, then it is best to advertise in universities, youth editions city, on-line resources. You can connect your contextual advertising. Properly thought-out lunch offer (with favorable rates) will allow you to attract a younger audience.
mature age people preferredbring great deals for companies, showing sporting events. Radio and local television will be the most suitable advertising platforms. Often, small radio stations, popular among mature people, are ready to accept as a prize for a competition certificate for the evening in retro cafe.

What to eat in the retro cafe?

Drawing up the menu for the retro cafe is asan important task, as the choice of a successful site and attract new visitors. If people are not satisfied with the range of your cafe, they no longer come to you. And it was the patrons can protect your restaurant during difficult periods.
It is desirable to entrust the creation of the chef menufamous restaurant (pub). Part of your audience will come for a thorough food intake, others just want to spend time in a pleasant atmosphere, a little snack. Therefore, first you will need to provide a set of soups, meat dishes and side dishes, the second is needed desserts, drinks, salads and snacks.
You can emphasize the traditional Russian(Pancakes, hash, hops) or European (fruits, beef, artichokes, wine) kitchen. Week cuisine of different countries and periods can be alternated - the main point of this information in the menu.

Events & Entertainment

Selection of the animation team and generally leadingignored by the owners of pubs and cafes, even though people are the soul of any place. If you can make in your walls that people can not only eat, drink and socialize with each other, but also to come to an interesting, then your retro cafe nothing will threaten.
Carrying poetic evenings, "Mafia" insuits and dresses, creative meetings with photographers and musicians can make a name for your retro cafe. So you get popularity, visitors, and the flow of money.

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