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How to open a retail outlet

How to open a retail outlet

Trade, including the retail, now takes over an important place in the segment of small businesses.

This is due to the relative ease of opening new outlets, as well as fast return costs.

So, let's look at what you need to take to open its own retail outlets.



Opening any retail outlet will require you to perform some of the required steps. So, point by point:

- Decide on the geographic region (country, region, locality) opening the outlet.

- Decide on the product line, which is planned to trade (ie the establishment of the nomenclature, which will be able to professionally implement the direct executors).


Conduct market research to determine:

- Wholesale suppliers of the desired range of goods and conditions postavok-

- The degree of demand for each type of goods (from accepted nomenclature), in various areas of the municipality where the planned opening of trade facilities-

- The target population, who are interested (or may be interested) in the acquisition of products planned for implementation and evaluation of the solvency of each group-

- The cost of 1m.kv. retail space sold in each area of ​​the municipality where the planned opening of a shop, or rent size at the time of similar rooms for rent.


Developing solutions for the desired amount of profit planned for the opening of the outlet.

- Convert articulated desire in strategic goal is

- Assessing the feasibility of the strategic goal by the formula KIPRO-

- Specification of the strategic objectives and making real the work plan for achieving it.


Now we need to understand the legal aspect of the issue. 10 simple steps:

1. Choice of legal form

2. Preparation of constituent documents (for legal entities).

3. Register and obtain a certificate in the Federal Tax Service and the bodies of statistics.

4. Obtaining licenses (if necessary) for the retail sale of licensed goods.

5. the purchase or lease of retail space.

6. Preparation of (if necessary) sanitary-epidemiological conclusions from Rospotrebnadzor.

7. a notification newly opened facility of the consumer market and services.

8. Acquisition and registration of cash registers.

9. The opening of a bank account.

10. Selection of employees.

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