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How to open a private kindergarten

How to open a private kindergarten

Open your private kindergarten in our country is extremely difficult.

You will have to overcome a lot of bureaucratic problems.

You must also know the requirements for the organization of the private kindergarten.

We'll show you how to make this activity legal.



Sign up as an individualentrepreneur or legal entity - non-profit organization. According to the law when they have the right to education (training) activities. If you have registered legal entity in the constituent documents should reflect the specifics of your business. Statutory registration deadline? 1 month.


Registered company put ontax registration with assignment of TIN. Also, become a registered extra-budgetary funds: Pension, Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund, Social Insurance Fund, as well as in the body of the state statistics.


Find a suitable space for the kindergarten. Area ? not less than 6 square meters. m for each child. There should be separate rooms for games, food, sleep, you must provide a medical office. Go through a series of agreements the chain of command for approval of specificity of activity (fire organization and SES). The room can be both private property, so it can be taken in rent.


Get a license (permit) for educationactivity. The licensing deal with State bodies control the formation of the Russian Federation. (Department of Education or the Committee), as well as local governments. To do this, you must provide documents - Charter of the organization, setting documents for tax registration, documents on the premises, the conclusions of firefighters and SES to comply with all the rules, an educational program, the documents confirming the existence of material and technical base and the educational materials and well as information on teaching staff about the planned number of children.


Pick kindergarten staff. It is important to gather a team of professionals and to ensure a high level of pre-school preparation.


Business Private kindergarten does not belong tohigh yield, but nevertheless it considered quite promising. Private kindergartens are increasing in our country. Their popularity is increasing more and more. If you decide to open a business in this area, we wish you good luck!

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