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How to open a point of sale

How to open a point of sale

If you feel that you are ripe to start their own business, and in particular, to open a sales point, for example, on the market, all the flags in your hands.

You will need

  • Business ties with one or more suppliers
  • The right to use its trade position in the market
  • Fire extinguisher, fire and guide plate with the constituent information
  • Implementor for a permanent job at the point



Decide on the product profile, which you willtrade. One has only to sell the products that you can constantly get in large quantities at the lowest price. The opening of a shop in the market will often be advisable only if you have the opportunity to work with multiple vendors on such conditions.


Purchase or rent a place for yourpoint of sale. The closer to the center would be the place aisle market, the better? and will stop coming by, and not only those who are specifically looking for your product. Pay each month for rent unprofitable trade points. However, the best place to buy only after you make sure that the goods it good? Go ?.


Make sure that your sales pointconsistent with the requirements which it imposes market authorities. First of all, it is the presence of a fire extinguisher readily available and fire safety instructions. Furthermore, it is desirable? Equip? place a sign with your data? number of the certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur.


Find the implementer, you couldentrust your work to the point of sale. The employment contract and the seller's other documents or copies thereof should be stored in the administration of the market. To comply with the formal requirements and obligatory reference to the recent medical examination implementer.

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