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How to open a sales point


How to open a sales point</a>

If you feel that you have already matured in order to open your own business, and in particular, to open your point of sale, say, in the market, all the flags are in your hands.

You will need

  • Business relationship with one or more suppliers
  • The right to use a market place for your trading
  • Fire extinguisher, fire instructions and a plate with the constituent information
  • Implementer for continuous work on the point



Decide on the product profile you will be usingtrade. It is worth selling only those products that you can constantly receive in large quantities at the lowest price. Opening a sales outlet in the market will often be advisable only if you already have the opportunity to work with several suppliers on these terms.


Buy or rent a place for yourPoint of sale. The closer the place will be to the central passage of the market, the better? Stop and will be walking by, and not only those who are purposefully looking for your goods. Paying every month for renting a sales outlet is unprofitable. However, it is better to buy a seat only after you make sure that the goods with it are good? Leaves ?.


Make sure that your point of saleCorresponded to the requirements that the market administration makes to it. First of all, this is the presence of a fire extinguisher and easily accessible instructions on fire safety. In addition, it is desirable? Equip? Place a sign with your data? Number of the certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur.


Find a vendor that you couldEntrust the work at your outlet. The employment contract and other documents of the seller or their copies should be kept in the administration of the market. To comply with formal requirements, a certificate of a recent medical examination of the implementor is also required.

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