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How to open your photo studio


How to open your photo studio</a>

You like to take pictures, and you do it well.

You are well versed in photographic equipment and have an idea about the market of photo services.

Perhaps the idea of ​​opening your business, your photo studio, visited you more than once: the anticipated costs are quite possible, there are still niches, and they can be borrowed.



Having conceived to create Photo studio, Some are ready to offer a minimum of services: For example, a photo for official documents. Others focus on a full-fledged set - professional, reportage (exit) photography, renting of premises and equipment for rent, additional services. Some in the future dream about the courses of a young photographer or the organization of selling related products - albums, frames, batteries, etc. An important income item can be the printing of photographs, calendars, advertising booklets and catalogs, photomontage, the creation of slide discs, the restoration of old photographs, etc. A creative approach to work promises an endless improvement and expansion of the services of any photo studio, small or solid.
When you open any option, you need to go through the classic steps of a thoughtful business plan.


Decide on the organizational and legal choiceForm of your future firm (LLC or IP). Get acquainted with the taxation systems for each (perhaps in your area will be more profitable patent). Conduct market analysis. Evaluate, if possible with the use of mini-marketing research, the popularity, demand for certain photo services. Who will be your main customer? What is your competitive environment? Clearly answer these questions for yourself.


Form the strategy of the future studio - determineTypes of services that you will provide. Note how you can get ahead of competitors: in terms of quality, range of offers, price. Pay special attention to the place of future lease of the premises. For a photographic studio with a large volume of services, it is better to choose the areas adjacent to the center. For a small (urgent photo) is suitable and sleeping area.


Purchase the necessary photographic equipment. It can be delivered to you and specialized stores. Do not buy the cheapest equipment - miser pays twice. But without expensive models, you can do without it: decent cameras are available today for 20-40 thousand rubles, for example, Canon EOS 40D Body or Nikon D80 Body. At first, minimize the cost: for the shooting, for example, it is enough to purchase one lens. Lighting equipment is acquired depending on the complexity of future work. They are light sources, racks for them, accessories. You will also need backgrounds: disposable paper (in rolls) or fabric.


The number of employees depends on the volume and nature of the work. In the photo studio can work not only a full-time photographer and administrator, but also? Hourly ?: stylist, make-up artist, press-designer.
Even a young photo studio is desirable to have a website with examples of works, price list, coordinates.

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