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How to open a pawnshop

Commission shop - specific, but a profitable commercial enterprise

Net fee and commission goods store? profitable business that does not require large investments, to open a business in many forces. However, the principles of successful activity for the owner? Komissionki? few other than the master outlet, working with suppliers.

But the tricks of the trade can absorb and gradually, one has only to do what it takes to open a pawnshop.

You will need

  • - the room
  • - The certificate of registration of IP
  • - Furniture (a table, two chairs, a desk for dressing mirror)
  • - A set of mannequins and hangers
  • - Personal computer with the installed program inventory accounting
  • - The form of the contract with the principal, a registered seal



Negotiate with the owner of an inexpensive, surrendering tospace rental, located on the ground floor of any building. It will take space in the 50? 100 square meters. It will be repaired, although the high requirements not be presented to the interior of the commission shop.


Decide in advance which goods will rangepresented in your store. Several options, but the most common and cost-effective? baby clothes and goods for children. Most of the commission shops specializing on this profile.


Purchase a commercial equipment on the basis ofthat store, which sells second-hand things, new expensive accessories not needed. It will take a bit of simple furniture, but when it comes to clothing thrift shop? mannequins and a set of hangers. Also, do not dispense with the personal computer and specialized software for the account of the goods.


Settle the necessary legal formalities. Will you need to register as an individual entrepreneur or establish a limited liability company. To work with people who give things to market, you will need to develop a form of the contract, which must certify to the registered seal.

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