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How to open a page

How to open a page

Nowadays more and more people communicate through online communication services, mainly social networks.

But what if you are not satisfied with the functionalitya social network page and you want to open a page? The page, which will be completely unique and that will contain functionality that can not be used on the pages of social networking?

In this case it is much easier to create your personal website.



Sign up on sites thatprovide services to create sites on the second-level domains. Often, in order to create them, to have enough to their mailbox, after which you will be available to the service to create their own personal Web site.


By registering on the site, go to the menu,providing the opportunity to choose the site layout. You can also create a personal website, provided that you are familiar with programming languages ​​and editors are targeting web pages.
Otherwise, it will be easier to take advantage of online services designer that has a graphical user interface and easy to use.


Select the images, text, video, audio? content that will have to be on your site. After selecting the desired shape in the constructor site, fill your website content.
Be sure to include a variety of settingsprivacy for registered and unregistered users, if the designer has this feature, otherwise carefully filter the information that is laid out for all to see.

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