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How to open a new company

How to open a new company

If you are tired of the permanent jobs involving all hands on work andpressure from the strict boss, you feel the urge to be independent, earn a lot of money through hard work, you are full of interesting ideas and are ready to start a new life, it's time to think about opening his own firm.

You will need

  • - ideya-
  • - start-up capital-
  • - business plan.



First of all, decide with the area inwhich you would like to work. It is best to select the direction you would like it, and you are well versed in it. In trade with the rapid development of networks promising options are specialty stores that offer customers a certain type of product (eg meat or bread shop) .Also is growing demand for a variety of services. You can work in the field of nutrition, body care products, garments, provide legal, real estate, information services and much more. When you select a field of activity can be considered not only the standard versions work directly with clients and do sales or services through the Internet. It is best to focus on selling a unique product, but to focus on the needs of most consumers.


what firm you would not have decided to open, you will need cash. If savings are not available, you can try to borrow money, issue a bank loan or look for an investor.


Next, you need to write a business plan. To do this, calculate the investment, operating expenses and revenues. But be careful not to overestimate their own strength and capabilities of the consumer market.


When the idea of ​​you already exists, not only inthe head, and has been calculated completely on paper, you can safely go to the tax authority for the company's registration. You can become an individual entrepreneur or legal entity form. If you are new to the business, then the first option will be enough, but for more serious cases is better to open an LLC or JSC.


Once the package of documents to proceedimplementation of the business plan. Make repairs in the room, equip it accordingly, to enter into contracts with suppliers, select employees and do not forget about advertising.

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