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How to open a massage parlor

How to open a massage parlor

Now it becomes a very popular massage.

Previously, this procedure could be carried out only workers in health facilities.

And now this procedure provide beauty salons, massage parlors and fitness centers.

This business does not require large investments, it is quickly recovered and profitable.



you will need to open a massage parlorroom. Basically, massage is done by those people who want to have fun and relax. Therefore it is better if you choose the room is not in the center, in a residential area, close to the elite neighborhoods.
It is advisable to massage parlor located onfirst floor, so it will be convenient to your customers. It is also necessary to take into account the existing SES rules. One person must be at least 8 square meters. m. It is better for everyone to have their own massage therapist's office. The office should be good lighting, heating and ventilation. In addition, the cabin must be space reserved for the administrator and receptionist.


Then you have to think about the equipment youmassage parlor. And this: massage tables, couches, massage chairs, sofas for waiting room, cupboards and shelves for cosmetics. Massage therapist special oils are needed for normal massage excellent olive oil, and require the use of relaxing essential oils. You need clean towels.


The main cabin factor of success are themselvesmasseurs. Therefore, try to trim staff very carefully. Good specialist hard to find. You can entice a massage therapist from another salon, offering him a higher salary. Or write an ad in the paper, so you can write on the Internet. Try to hire massazhistov- wagon. The professional must be able to master the basics of European and Oriental massage techniques.

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