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How to open a lingerie shop

Shop lingerie? the initiative, which will help you only if you survive in the face of fierce competition from existing and not scanty periods. The range of goods owners of such stores are selected more or less similar, but the high level of service in this game could be a major asset.

Keeping this in mind you need to have made the first steps necessary to open the store.

You will need

  • 1. Trade area (about 10 square meters)
  • 2. Commercial equipment (counter, mannequins, racks for fitting, padded stools and hanger)
  • 3. Sales staff (1? 2 people)
  • 4. The package of documents and registered the cash register



Create a vision of your store clothes? Give it a name, which will need to be repelled by developing design. Beaten moves should be avoided, without falling in the absurdities and oddities.


Pick a small area, yielding to rent,? You can shop in another building or in the mall. Acquire premises at the initial stage it is not necessary? point of retail sale of linen should be as mobile as possible. Her popularity greatly depends on the location, but it may fail.


Equip your store lingerie so thathe provided to potential customers as much as possible convenience and comfort. Be sure to take care of one or two fitting rooms equipped with mirrors and hangers for clothes. This business equipment must be mounted so that its lossless can be transported to a new location.


Look for such an employee (or two successiveeach other), which from the very beginning you will be assured? a hundred ?. Selling lingerie requires delicacy? the behavior of the sales assistant store reputation depends almost directly. The employee needs to know? To and from? range of products and be able to advise, so that it did not cause the buyers have the slightest discomfort.


? Uzakonte? its point of sale, collected and put in order the necessary documents and taking care of the cash register. Formally, everything should be all right from the start, otherwise it will be difficult to avoid misunderstandings.

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