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How to open your home kindergarten


How to open your home kindergarten</a>

In Russia, home kindergartens operate illegally, that is illegally.

To open a legal home kindergartenIt is necessary to issue a lot of permits and, above all, to register as a legal entity and obtain a license. Individual entrepreneurship for this type of business will not work.

To obtain a license, you need to collect a number of documents, certificates and signatures.

You will need

  • -room
  • -equipment
  • -registration of a legal entity
  • -resolution of SES
  • -resolution of fire protection
  • Licensing with accreditation



To open a home kindergarten you need to invest a lot of money. Without the necessary equipment and equipment, a license can not be obtained.


Cost of the child's stay in kindergartenPays for itself when paying from 500 to 1000 dollars a month. Not everyone is ready to pay this kind of money. If the payment for the child's stay in the home kindergarten is reduced, it will not pay back the invested costs and the payment of taxes. In addition, in order to get paid you need to have a good staff with extensive experience and high education. Consequently, and with high pay for labor.


To obtain a license other than registrationA legal entity needs to have a good room with equipment meeting all the standards required for the opening of kindergartens. The area of ​​the room must be at least 6 square meters per child. You need a separate room for sleep equipped with baby cots. A separate room for games and development. Fire alarm. A place for a walk, to which their demands are made: being 5 meters from highways, a green railroad guard from the road, the availability of children's equipment for games and health procedures. It is necessary to have tables and chairs for lunch appropriate to the age of the children, a room for cooking with equipment and utensils, the presence of a washing machine and a place for drying clothes.


After equipping the room, by all standard requirements, invite the sanitary epidemiological station. After inspecting the premises, you will be given a permit document and an opinion on compliance with sanitary norms.


Contact the fire department. On the basis of inspection of the premises and verification of fire-fighting devices you will be given an opinion on the permission to open a kindergarten.


Contact the License Chamber with the programUpbringing, development and education of children. The whole pedagogical team that you invited to work in your kindergarten should pass the certification and state accreditation. Without this condition, you will not receive a license. Past attestations and accreditation of teachers are not considered and are not suitable for obtaining a license.


The license specifies the main directions of educational and educational work of your institution.


Having obtained all the permissions and the license, you canget to work. Pay taxes regularly and report to the tax authorities quarterly, that is, you will additionally have to hire a professional accountant.


Your home kindergarten will be constantly checked by SES, fire department and representatives of the Licensing Chamber for compliance with all norms and requirements.


At the moment, legal household kindergartens managed to open units. In an ordinary apartment? To anyone. Therefore, illegal home-based children's Gardens.

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