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How to open a home daycare

How to open your home daycare

In Russia, home kindergartens act on the basis of illegal, ie, illegally.

To open a legitimate home-kindergartennecessary to issue a lot of permissive documents and above all, to register as a legal entity and obtain a license. Individual business is not suitable for this type of business.

To obtain a license you need to collect a number of documents, certificates and signatures.

You will need

  • a premise
  • -equipment
  • -signing legal entity
  • SES -Resolution
  • -Resolution of fire protection
  • -litsenziya accreditation



To open a home daycare need to invest a lot of money. Without the necessary equipment and inventory can not get a license.


The cost of the child's stay in the kindergartenIt pays for itself when you pay $ 500 to $ 1000 per month. Such money is willing to pay not everyone. If payment for the stay of the child in the home to reduce the kindergarten, is not recoup costs and payment of taxes. In addition to the money you pay should have good staff with extensive experience and high education. Consequently, the high payment for work.


To obtain a license in addition to registrationlegal entity must have a good room with the equipment meets all the standards required for the opening of kindergartens. Area should be not less than 6 square meters per child. It should be a separate room for sleeping with a cot. A separate room for play and development. Fire alarm. Place for a walk, which impose their demands: finding 5 meters from Highway green fence from the road, the presence of children's games and equipment for wellness treatments. It is necessary to have tables and chairs for lunch respective age children, a room for cooking equipment and utensils, the presence of a washing machine and space for drying clothes.


Equipped room, all the standard requirements will invite a sanitary epidemic station. After seeing the room, you will be given a document authorizing and opinion on the conformity with sanitary norms.


Refer to the representatives of the Fire Department. Based on the inspection of the premises and checking fire protection devices you will get a conclusion on permission of opening a kindergarten.


Contact the Licensing Chamber of the programtraining, development and education of children. All the teaching staff, who you have invited to work in a kindergarten, must undergo certification and state accreditation. Without this condition, you will not get a license. Past certification and accreditation of teachers are not considered and are not suitable for obtaining a license.


The license indicates the main directions of educational and educational work of your institution.


Having obtained all the permits and licenses, you canget to work. To pay taxes should be systematically report to the tax authorities to submit a quarterly basis, ie in addition have to hire a professional accountant.


Your home daycare will constantly check the SES, Fire Service and representatives of the Licensing Chamber for compliance with all standards and requirements.


To date, open a legitimate home based daycare managed units. In a typical apartment? anyone. Therefore so widespread illegal domestic children gardens.

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