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How to open a gym

The equipment for the gym - the most serious item of expenditure at the start?

The three main components of the success of the gym? its comfort, convenient location for visitors and the lack of competing with him nearby establishments.

Add to that a skilled and? Charismatic? instructor, and residents throughout the neighborhood, taking care of their health and appearance, the crowd literally? tumble? trenazhnrny in your room.

You will need

  • 1. The premise of 100 m2, translated in uninhabited fund and reworked in accordance with a specially designed project
  • 2. Set simulators and ancillary equipment for the hall
  • 3. Several instructors hourly labor
  • 4. An administrator working under the terms of permanent employment
  • 5. Designed advertising media professionals



Make a project of redevelopment of premises, which you have, or who has rented the equipment therein sports hall. The project will need to agree to the administrationcity, in the management of architecture and urban planning, as well as fire inspections and the center of Hygiene and Epidemiology. Basic requirements for room for gym hall ? an area of ​​100 m2, a powerful ventilation system, uninterrupted water supply system (without a shower with hot water, you instantly lose most of their customers).


Make a list of those simulators thatequip the hall, with the start from the rate of 5 m2 per simulator. It is hard to imagine a gym for men without a rod, disk and racks for her trainer for the muscles of the chest, inclined bench for strengthening the abdominals. Suppliers of equipment for gyms provide detailed illustrated catalogs simulators? you will only have to choose the ones you want to see in your institution.


Decide who will assist you in business?recovery? wishing to strengthen the muscles and lose weight. One or two instructors by the hour? That's not all, someone will need to ensure that the work of sports hall. At a minimum, need another manager, and if henot be able to take over the bookkeeping, the accountant, and (possibly coming). These experts you will need to select very carefully, knowing that the fate of your initiatives depends on their actions.


Plan your advertising campaign, which will allowbring information about your gym to its target audience. Most likely, the majority of your potential customers live nearby? so the first step is to be spread flyers. Another justified at this stage of the course? creating pillars and stretch with the announcement of the opening of hall, They should be placed as far away from the institution.

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