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How to open the game in a window

How to open the game in a window

Many people like to pass a few minutes fora computer game in the workplace. If you for the messages in the mail you need to constantly monitor, or ICQ to respond to clients on a forum, it is better to open the game in a window.

In addition, in windowed mode to play better in the old game, the graphics which look too primitive, if you expand it to full screen.

You will need

  • - Any installed computer plays
  • - Windows operating system.



Start the game and then click on the keyboardboth Alt and Enter keys. For many games, this key combination is a transition team in windowed mode. This is the easiest way to open the toy box, but unfortunately, many of the games do not support it.


Create a desktop shortcut to the game, if itthere. Click the shortcut, right-click. select "Properties" line in the menu that appears. In the line containing the address of the program, it is necessary to add -window. For example, it was - C: ProgramFiles (x86) HeroesofMightandMagic3HeroesofMightandMagic3.exe, and should be - C: ProgramFiles (x86) HeroesofMightandMagic3HeroesofMightandMagic3.exe-window. Press the "Apply" and close the window "Properties". Now the game, fuzzy this label, will open in a window. It is important to bear in mind that some games are still open in the window, if you erase -window in the program address. To correct this problem, instead type the -window -full screen.


Start the game and learn the settings. Many games have a built-in function of the transition to windowed mode. All you need to do is find the appropriate line in the settings and tick. Switching to full-screen mode, it is carried out in the same line by removing a tick.


Refer to the help of various online resources,if you can not even open the computer game in windowed mode. As a rule, the developer's website by typing in the search bar "open window", you can find information on the transfer of toys in windowed mode. If the game is very old, and the company-developer has ceased to exist or changed its name, you can search for relevant information on the game's forums.


Return to full-screen mode, if the gameI am beginning to slow down. Surprisingly, the game open in the window may require more resources than full-screen mode. Sometimes toy slows in windowed mode, because the developer is not optimized for its work in the window.

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