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How to open your flower tent


How to open your flower tent</a>

There are goods, the demand for which is not lost under any circumstances, and one of these goods? Natural flowers.

Open a flower tent in the market or a busy street of the city, and it will almost certainly bring a stable income.

You will need

  • 1. Certificate of registration of IP
  • 2. Registered Cash Register
  • 3. A package of permits
  • 4. Prefab tent and other equipment (vases, racks)
  • 5. Arrangement with wholesale suppliers
  • 6. Stock of consumables
  • 7. Replacement seller-distributor



Rent a place on the market or get a permitTo create a sales outlet outside of it? In the second case it will be necessary? Good? Local administration and trade management. The owner of the tent should be registered as an individual entrepreneur, and the Rospotrebnadzor and fire inspectorate will assess the efforts made by him to her equipment.


Get equipment for selling flowers? It will take a collapsible tent, flower vases and shelving for packing materials. The set is pretty standard, so the choice is? Equipping? For a shopping tent is not a problem. Do you have to face difficulties when the winter approaches and the tent will have to be converted into a closed kiosk? This possibility should be envisaged in advance.


Take care when you have everything to tradeReady, finally, about the product itself? Those who sell flowers at retail, deal, as a rule, with wholesale suppliers. The simplest, but the least risky way to work? Purchase a batch of flowers for one day, in accordance with the sales volume of your outlet. In addition, regularly you will have to buy supplies? The most diverse types of packaging for flowers.


Expand your business in selling flowers likeOnly you will see that things are going well and the goods are diverging. Open other tents organized on the same principle, buy large quantities of goods, which will allow you to make a large mark-up. ?Day? Portion here, of course, it's not limited, so for flowers then you will have to equip a warehouse with air conditioning.

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