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How to open a flower shop

How to open a flower shop

Flower business, primarily associated with pleasant emotions, which can be enhanced by the proposed product. In addition, the flower business can bring in a good income.

The margin on the flowers in the national average of 100-300%, and to open his store requires a small initial capital of 600 000 rubles.

Before opening his flower business,necessary to determine the format of the store. What's he like will be - a small pavilion on the street or in transition, flower shop, located in a shopping center, a specialized boutique flowers or online store.

Floral pavilion

It does not require large investments. The crucial point here is to choose crowded places of passage, it affects the main revenue. It requires a large turnover. The basic range - cut flowers, a small percentage of profits to be added due to packaging materials.

Flower shop

Shop requires more investments. The shop area greater range expands, respectively, to cut flowers add potted plants, souvenirs, gravel and the like. Staff should choose to shop more carefully, with experience, with the knowledge of floristry also important that the seller could to please the customer. Shop pays off slower, but more stable due to the extended range and regular customers.

Flower boutique

Flower Boutique requires even greater investment thanscore. But it's a stable business that has great prospects for development. By the opening of the boutique approach is particularly necessary - beauty should be in everything from interior design to the sales assistant. Sellers must be true professionals. Excellent opportunity for Flower Boutique - corporate customers. Making a corporate event makes a profit equal to the weekly paper boutique. In the future it will be possible to open a network of salons and cover the entire city.

Online Flower Shop

Internet shop is better to open with the availableinterior colors, or pavilion, otherwise you can go broke, as in the initial stage customers will be small, and the flowers - perishable goods. And an additional sales channel to an existing store can not hurt. Customers can place orders without leaving home. But the delivery of the order will result in additional costs. Also, there is a risk of return.
Besides all of the above, it is necessary to find areliable supplier for long-term relationships. Select a room, much depends on its location. Decoration, design space also play an important role, especially for flower boutique. To store the colors necessary equipment - refrigeration and trade. An experienced dealer florist - is also a key to success.
A definite plus is the flowersmall investments at the start and a big mark-up on goods. Cons - perishable goods, the presence of a marriage and seasonality, the best flowers are sold before the holidays.

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