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How to open a file on a flash drive

How to open a file on a flash drive

USB flash drive is now used by many people, almost everything. So you did this thing, of course, very useful.

You do not know how to use it?

It's quite simple.

You will need

  • - flash drive
  • - PC or laptop



Insert the flash drive into the computer. Wait until the screen displays a dialog box with the inscription? Found a new device ?.
In the dialog box, select one of the menu items,depending on what you want. ? Open to view ?,? Copy to my computer? or? Do nothing ?. If the flash drive contains photos or images, choose the point? Open to view ?, in this case images stored on a flash drive, will automatically open in the image viewer, which is installed on your computer by default.


If you want to open an image in anotherprogram, do the following: in the dialog select Do nothing ?. After that, go to the? My Computer ?, select the USB flash drive and open it by double-clicking. You will see all the files stored on it. Select the desired file, click the right mouse button and select? Open with ?. In the list of programs, select the one that is needed.


To open to view any file, notnecessarily graphics. You can also use the dialog box that appears when connecting to a memory stick. Either through? My Computer ?, select desired file and press it twice to open.

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