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How to open a cosmetics shop

For the sale of luxury cosmetics is interior to issue a more refined you can

Opening a retail point of sales of cosmeticsgoods in megacities, will almost certainly have to compete with large chain stores. In those localities where? Networkers? have not yet penetrated may not be sufficiently large audience of potential customers.

But if you still think that the chance of success is, first of all to open cosmetic store you must perform the following steps.

You will need

  • 1. The room (private or removable)
  • 2. Accessories for interior decoration and shop equipment
  • 3. Sales staff
  • 4. Package of documents



Decide which class will be more cosmeticstotal demand potential customer audience of your store. Depend on product level and the selected suppliers you will not only a room, but also a staff, you should pick up. Keep in mind that to buy cosmetics? Premium? class (or not? selective?) will want to and can not all categories of the population, but the products are designed for the masses, the buyer is almost always.


Find a large room on the ground floorbuildings, such as apartment, converted into non-residential fund. In some cases, it is advisable to rent a space in the mall. Keep in mind that retailers? Selective? products before starting to work with you will appreciate that any premises for sale of cosmetics available at your disposal.


Developed in conjunction with professionalDesigner of interior design of your future cosmetic store. Save the quality and appearance of commercial equipment can not, beauty and unity of style for a successful sale of perfumes and cosmetics are required. Not bad also for window dressing will use the services of a specialist in the field of merchandising.


Pay enough attention to the selection of shoppingstaff do not treat the case as an afterthought. Experienced sales consultants make the sale of cosmetics is much more effective. Great success will be if we can? Catch? store employees similar profile, which recently closed or spent? reduction? State.


Take care in a timely manner that the possiblequickly assemble documents? formal procedures in permitting organizations can? stretch? in the long term. If there is such an opportunity, the formulation of the necessary documentation can be trusted third-party provider of legal services.

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