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How to open a deposit in favor of a third party

How to open a deposit in favor of a third party

Contribution - is money received from physical persons on the credit institution keeping a fixed interest rate for a period of 1 month or more.

The main difference between the contribution in favor of a third party fromOther deposits: while a third person on whom a deposit has not used his investor rights in a personal visit to the bank, a customer who opened a deposit and signed a contract, has the right to also carry out all the operations envisaged contribution.

  1. You must select a credit institution (bank) that receives contributions in favor of a third party.
  2. Come up with a credit institution office in person with your passport.
  3. To determine the contribution that is convenient for the parameters: the interest rate, the term, the initial amount, is it possible partial withdrawal, replenishment.
  4. Make a contribution to a specialist.

When choosing a credit institution should paynote that when you make a deposit to a third party might need only the third person's name, in other credit institutions may additionally request a copy of the passport or the passport of a third party.

Contribution in favor of a third person may open to his minor child, in which case you may need a birth certificate.

A third person, who performed the openingthe contribution may not be aware of it. Conveniently such a discovery contribution, if a customer opens the contribution, and the third person are in different cities and there is no other safer vozmmozhnosti deliver cash.

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