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Canadian technology of construction of a frame house

How to open a construction company

Quality and adherence to deadlines - a simple recipe for success for the builder

Constructions differ from each otherscope and volume of work performed on a regular basis. But even many of the largest companies specializing in this field, started out as a small team carrying out maintenance and minor building works.

What do you need to? Put together? such a company?

You will need

  • - Experts in different fields (at least four)
  • - Certificate of registration of LLC and allowing self-regulatory organization
  • - The necessary equipment and tools in the first case
  • - vehicle



Select the specialization of your future?Company? and precisely draw a circle of the work, which she will perform. Search personnel for the construction company will have, starting from its intended profile.


Pick workers who will be?backbone? Brigade. The role of the superintendent and price calculation at the beginning can take over the master. Do not forget that self-regulating construction organization, membership of which is mandatory for all construction companies, imposes on workers' qualifications specific requirements.


Register your company as a limitedLiability and collect the documents necessary for admission to the operation of the self-regulatory organization. Since then, as compulsory licensing of construction firms canceled authorization to work depends on these structures.


Purchase required at the first time settools and obzavedites a car or minibus, necessary for the transportation of materials. Accumulating business relationships with suppliers of goods for the construction and repair work should also begin as soon as possible.

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