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How to open a child care center

Development Centers help children discover their talents

in early childhood education services are in high demand today, and a variety of services.

In addition to the stationary private kindergartens in the large cities there are institutions that organize for the youngest educational courses in various fields.

To open a child care center, we must first take care of the three pillars on which it ?, will be held: indoors, pedagogical staff and methodological basis.

You will need

  • 1. Premises for the duration of the courses
  • 2. Methodical program
  • 3. The state of permanent employees and an agreement with the employees working on a part-time basis
  • 4. The package of documents, including license



Podyschu Lessors area in a convenient location in the city. Looking to rent a room can be in any other institution, and only for specified hours when classes will be held.


Find qualified teachers with experiencework and proved it in the field of early development. Pick up a personal best on the recommendations of authoritative experts. In addition to the teachers in the state of child development center to be a Methodist, and a psychologist? desirable? administrator.


Think about it, by what technique in the new centerclasses will be held and, if necessary, carry out the appropriate training of teachers. Using a technique known abroad surely will provide the popular children's educational center in the near future after the opening. ?Tactics? education, adopted in your establishment, it should look like the main plus the design of any promotional materials.


Prepare the mandatory documents andget a license to carry out teaching activities. It takes not only a founding and approvals, and curriculum and curriculum. Child development center by the relevant authorities as a full-fledged educational preschool.

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