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How to open a bridal business

How to open a bridal business

Wedding business can affect various services, but one of the most popular and profitable is the tailoring of designer wedding dresses.

Here you will need all your creativity and experience to create a beautiful festive clothing line.

You will need

  • - Working space-
  • - Textile equipment-
  • - Staff.



Investigate the activities of other firmssewing wedding dresses in your area. See which areas they are produced supply of materials. Do they specialize in dresses from famous designers or produce their own line? Determine the types of materials they use and what their exact prices. This will help you to create business for the production of wedding dresses, which will be in a special way to stand out in your neighborhood.


Create your own design or a wedding dresssigned an agreement on promoting the clothing line of talented, if not a very famous designer. Make sure you or the designer will be able to create long-term projects, which will always be at the peak of current fashion, as the line of wedding dresses are updated at least twice a year. The solutions that you offer should reflect your own style, but at the same time be ready style (romantic, modern, Victorian, retro).


Rent or buy a room for youractivities, hire employees purchase sewing machines, fabrics and materials. You will need a comfortable space where you and the staff will be able to create projects, as well as to motivate potential buyers. Be sure to explore the place where your wedding will run shop, for example, in the city center.


Make a dress samples for demonstrationdemonstrations to retail customers. Take photos of dresses on the models to show how your creations look in action. Use these photos to showcase projects in the portfolio or business-site.


Create a brand for your wedding businessa. Come up with your own logo or with the help of a designer and register it. It must be unique, recognizable and provide the types of wedding dresses that you create. Use this kind of branding for business correspondence, business cards, website, brochures, catalogs and labels on the dresses. Make a Public Statement correctly!

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