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How to open a branch of the company

How to open a branch of the company

The opening of a subsidiary company or branch office can be very beneficial for the overall business and increase current income.

It is necessary to understand thoroughly in the process of its establishment and registration.



Make a business plan for the future of the institution, determine the activity of a subsidiary firm. Notify local authorities on the opening ofbranch in the manner prescribed by the Regulations on the registration of business entities. During the 10-day period, you will be informed about the registration of the branch on the basis of the state.


Execute the necessary documents for openingbranch. To do this, you must agree on the location of the branch with the executive committee of the relevant local soveta- provide information about the branch Unified State Register of enterprises and organizations, according to the requirements of your area- put a branch registered in the authorities responsible for supervising the payment of fees, taxes and other mandatory payments.


Refer to the organs of the State Taxservice for the branch decision on registration within twenty days from the receipt of the relevant documents. Register branch of the Pension Fund bodies according to the instructions on the procedure of calculation and payment of organizations, institutions, businesses and citizens gather for pension insurance. After the registration of a branch of the Pension Fund bodies given permission to open a bank account.


Register a branch in the Fund bodiessocial insurance in accordance with the Instruction on the order of receipt, recording and spending on social strahovanie.Proydite registered in the State Employment Service. In addition, you will need to take out insurance against accidents and occupational diseases, to get permission for the manufacture of seals and stamps.


Register your bank account in a branch. Hire employees by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation. Approved the financial plan for the company's development, and it will be fully operational.

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