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How to open a branch of the bookmaker

How to open a branch of the bookmaker

Bookmaker today one of the most lucrative businesses.

In addition, it can be considered very reliable - in any city enough people on whose excitement can make good money.

You will need

  • - Suitable office-
  • - Personnel-qualified
  • - Statutory documents headquarters kontory-
  • - Power of attorney to the head filiala-
  • - Application for tax registration.



Understand the differences between a branch of the very office. Branch bookmaker - it is the unit that is located outside of the legal and physical address of the main office and have the same functions. Branch bookmaker can implement them fully or partially. In essence branch bookmaker - reduced "copy", with the same statute, rules of activities for receiving cash payments and issuance rates. In the field of betting discovery plurality of branches called "umbrella" business. Under the management of the company, the head office of these units are functioning smoothly and consistently. In addition, a significant advantage is the provision of a financial guarantee - your business is unlikely to be threatened.


Find the right office. In order to open a structural unit of the office on reception rates will come down quite a small room. If you want to attract more visitors to his gambling facility, in addition to the reception desk manager rates and issuing payments, Organize room where people could watch the conduct of the game or race. Arrange the tables, set the machine with cold drinks and set multiple screens - "players" will be much more.


Once you pick up the staff haveto register as a branch of the bookmaker. To this end, the central office must give you a copy of their own statutes and the minutes of shareholders meeting or the decision to open a branch of the founder. In addition to these papers, you provide the tax authorities the power of attorney in the name of the future head of the branch office and information about the presence in the state bank. You put on the tax account within one week. After that, the head office will provide you with the use of letterhead and printing.

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