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How to open a branch of the bookmaker office


How to open a branch of the bookmaker office</a>

Bookmaker office today is one of the most profitable businesses.

In addition, it can be considered very reliable - in any city there will be enough people, on whose excitement it is possible to earn good money.

You will need

  • - suitable office-
  • - qualified personnel-
  • - statutory documents of the main office of the office-
  • - power of attorney to the head of the branch-
  • - application for tax registration.



Understand the differences of the branch from the office itself. The branch of the bookmaker office is its subdivision, which is located outside the legal and physical address of the main office and has the same functions. The branch of the bookmaker office can carry them in whole or in part. As a matter of fact, the branch of the bookmaker office is a reduced "copy", with the same charter, rules for carrying out activities for accepting cash bets and issuing payments. In the sphere of bookmaking, the opening of many branches is called "umbrella" business. Under the management of the head office, these units operate in a coordinated and coordinated manner. In addition, a significant plus is the provision of financial guarantees - your business is unlikely to be in jeopardy.


Find the right office. In order to open a structural subdivision of the office for accepting rates, a small room will come down. If you want to attract as many gamblers as possible to your institution, in addition to the steward of the manager for accepting bets and making payments, arrange a hall where people could monitor the conduct of the game or races. Arrange tables, install a machine with cold drinks and install several screens - "players" will be much more.


After you pick up the staff, you will have toGo through the registration procedure as a branch of the bookmaker office. To do this, the central office must give you copies of its own statutory documents and the minutes of the shareholders' meeting or the founder's decision to open a branch. In addition to the above securities, you will provide a tax authority with a power of attorney for the name of the future head of the branch office and information about the existence of an account with the state bank. You will be taxed for one week. After that, the head office will give you the use of letterheads and seals.

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