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How to open a branch of an insurance company


How to open a branch of an insurance company</a>

The business in the sphere of insurance in Russia is just beginning its development.

And despite the fact that competition in this area is already quite high, opening an insurance company branch can be a profitable investment of money.

You will need

  • - business plan-
  • - registration and licensing documents-
  • - premise-
  • - furniture and office equipment-
  • - a contract with an insurance company-
  • - employees-
  • - advertising.



Select the company whose branch you would like toOpen and enter into a contractual relationship. As a rule, the head firm offers to buy from her a franchise, and in return provides the necessary set of documents, goods, brand and other assistance at all stages of work.


To open a branch of an insurance company it is necessary to register a legal entity. Any form will suit: LLC, CJSC, JSC or mutual insurance society.


To make an effective investment in the organization of business, make a business plan. It can be useful also in the event that you need money.


Insurance - the type of activity that is subject toCompulsory licensing. To apply for a license, it is necessary to collect a set of documents: constituent documents, tariffs and insurance standards, business plan, documents confirming the experience of the general director. It is necessary to write an application and pay the state fee. As a rule, the parent company provides actuarial tariff calculations and insurance rules for each type of activity.


Choose office space. It should be located in a passage in the center of the city. The office is strictly designed in a business style.


To work, you need a client manager and a network of insurance agents. Create employees all the conditions for effective work: offer training, a full social package, a good reward.


Direct advertising, as a rule in insurance is notworking. But this does not mean that you should give it up. Required is outdoor advertising - signs, pillars, banners in the corporate style. In addition, it is advisable to place posters and leaflets in the places where your potential customers gather. For example, advertising CASCO and OSAGO in car dealerships, inspection stations, traffic police, and advertising property insurance in a real estate agency.

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