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How to open a branch of a foreign company

How to open a branch of a foreign company

The opening of a branch of a foreign company on its own will allow you to develop a network of relationships and improve business efficiency.

But you must take into account the differences in mentality between the two countries, which is often not the easiest task.



The most important business concept ismargins, profitability. Will the planned opening of a branch for the city of potential buyers of a foreign company? Is there competition in the industry? What is the value of the property? As soon as possible to find qualified employees. Answers to all these questions will be found, and with their account to make a detailed business plan.


you can solve important problems with the opening of the office -the difference of time zones. Of course, it absolutely can not be resolved. But a couple of the big clock showing the time of the branch and the head office will allow you to better navigate in urgent situations. This method is common practice - a lot of hours with the words: Tokio, New-York, London can be found in banks, stock exchanges, etc.


Translation - the main deterrentfor business expansion. It is not so much about the problems of personal interaction (though of them as well), but about reporting transmission problems, team-work employees, accounting exchange, etc. To solve this problem will help qualified translators (which can be found on a piece-rate basis, for example on the site FL.ru) and lawyers in international law. The latter can be found at the Bar Association of large cities or in professional social networks (Linkedin, Professionali.ru).


The solution may be to find and lead manager, who worked in the country, "head office". Big "range" of qualified professionals is available at e-xecutive.ru project.


Many problems arise from foreignrepresentatives of the assessment work of Russian offices. In our country we have not so developed corporate culture (with quarterly reports, the Board of Directors). Assistant in this aspect - transparency. If you manage to make clear to their foreign partners work your system, communication with clients, principles of marketing and advertising - your branch will be able to get the support of both management and shareholders.

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