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How to open a branch

How to open a branch

In accordance with the civil lawThe Russian Federation, an affiliate - is a separate division of a legal entity located outside of its location and performing its functions (partially or completely).

Opening a branch - the process is quite complex, including the preparation of documents, registration, recruitment of staff and "embedding" of the branch in the structure of the business as a whole.



The opening of a branch of the company has the advantage that in itselfStatement branch is like a small company with full corporate rules already worked out (the same as in the parent company). the company developed quickly thanks to its branch network, the branches are easier to manage. Typically, creating a branch of the company is as follows: first you need to find an office and staff for it, then go through all the registration formalities and the "build" of its business.


If the branch office problems are usuallyIt occurs because the branches are opened in certain places (cities, countries) with identified high potential for the development of organizations of this sector, by branch staff often underestimate the requirements imposed. This leads to the fact that the branch performs worse than the parent company, in addition to its high staff turnover, as you have all the time to dismiss unsuitable employees. To avoid this, it is necessary to spend more time recruiting for the branch and not to take random people on the principle of "who's got to work here." At the beginning of the branch competence of employees and their willingness to work and develop plays a key role.


Register company branch and its tax registration following documents are required:

1. The certificate of state registration of the parent company.

2. The founding documents of the parent company, the protocols and amendments thereto.

3. Certificate of tax registration of the parent company.

4. The decision on the establishment of the branch and the appointment of its head, the position of the branch.

5. The power of attorney for the branch manager.

6. The documents for the branch office (rental agreement).

7. The letter of the account in the parent company in EGRPO (statistics codes).

All these documents should be submitted to the IRS №46. Registration must be made no longer than 7 days.


Once registered, you must open an account forbranch and make prints. The parent company shall be absolutely liable for the activities of its branch. It is necessary to "build" branch in the structure of the business: to define its tasks, to enter into the affairs of the staff course to establish its financial control by the parent company.

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