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How to open a bank account

How to open a bank account

Every year the population of Russia is gaining more varied services of financial institutions. If you are a minor, you can also open a bank account.

This is a fairly simple procedure.

You just need to be a visit to the banking institution - to identify you and to sign the agreement.

Which bank to choose?

When choosing a bank to open an accountit is desirable to pay attention to the reliability of the financial institution, its history, as well as the number of clients. Little-known and quite new it is not necessary to choose, because there is the possibility of bankruptcy.
In addition to the bank's stability, a definite pluswill find its convenient location, quality service and an extensive network of ATMs. It is best to consider a few of these institutions that are located near your place of work or home.
After analyzing the websites and offers banks,tariffs for service, call customer service and ask your questions. If you are satisfied - head to the bank branch and talk to managers. Look at how much time is spent waiting in queue and customer service as competent employees.

Opening a bank account: application procedure

So, you choose the most suitable for you and the bank you want to open it through. For this procedure, you will need to come to the office of the financial institution with the following items:
- Your passport-
- VAT number (if any) -
- Money.
Bank staff will make a copy of your documents,visually checking with the bearer. You will need to write an application for a particular pattern to open a bank account and give it to an employee that you prepare standard contracts that you have signed it. Then, if it is provided the bank rates, you'll need to pay for the annual maintenance of the account.
After this visit, a visit to the bank where youopened an account, the ideal is reduced to a minimum and will not take much time. All issues related to tariffs, service, etc., are solved through a "hot line" of the financial institution, which normally operates around the clock.

banking service

Opening a bank account - usuallynebesplatno procedure. Fee for current account maintenance can be several hundred rubles a year. This also may include payment for the manufacture and use of plastic card.
One of the most attractive toolswhich are now available free of charge to customers most banks, it is an online banking service. You will be given a login and password (the last one you can then pomenyaet on your own) to log into your personal account on the bank's website. Through it very easy to keep track of transactions made on the account, the balance on the current account. In addition, with the help of Internet banking, you can pay by a variety of services, to transfer money to a virtual wallet and others.

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