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Onion sets under winter

Onion sets under winter

All the seeds of onion sets up to 1 cm in the home to save until the spring is impossible.

They are completely dry, and then go on emissions.

Therefore, they should be planted in the ground before winter.

Bulbs well spend the winter, and in the end of July, will give a good crop of turnips.

But while there is a slight difference in farming practices compared with the spring planting.

First, the soil should be disinfected with a solution ofcopper sulfate. In 10 liters of water dissolve 1 tbsp. l. copper sulfate, and this solution is poured onion beds. Then for each square meter of making a bucket of humus, 2 tbsp. l. superphosphate, all that is necessary to dig and level the rake. After aligning the groove hold a depth of 5 cm with aisles of 18-20 cm. In these grooves 4-5 cm expanded Onion and fill with a mixture of peat-compost. If there is no turf, you can fill one with humus.

Remember the cardinal rule. Before frost flower bed full Zamulchiruyte any insulation: peat, sawdust, humus, pine spruce branches layer of 3-4 cm, to keep the bow from freezing. Early spring is the cover must be removed in order to better heating of the soil and to obtain uniform germination. In winter, when much lower temperature Insulate bed of additional snow.

Spring onion thins thickened and used for food, leaving the distance between plants of 5-6 cm. Planted before winter onions are stored better than spring planting onions.

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