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One of the bromeliad genus: care for Vriesia


One of the genus bromeliads: care for Vriesia</a>

Vriesia - unpretentious and very beautiful house plant, belonging to the genus of bromeliads.

Its cultivation will not bring you trouble, because for the full development of Vriesia only fresh air and moderate air humidity are needed.

Bright and powerful foliage - an undoubted meritVriese. Even at rest, it looks very elegant and attractive. What can we say about blossoming Vriesia, it becomes a real decoration of the room. The flowers are plain and fall fast. However bracts can last several months and have a spectacular appearance. It was thanks to them that Vreezia received her nickname "the flaming sword".

It is best to place Vreezia on the eastern orWestern windows. The plant feels comfortable with bright, but diffused light. Of course, the flower can be placed on the northern and southern windowsills, but then it will require more careful care.

The optimum temperature in spring and summer is 24-26 degrees, and in winter - about 18-22 degrees. Remember that special attention should be paid to the ground temperature - not lower than 18 degrees. Otherwise, the plant will die.

In summer, Vriesia should be watered abundantly. If the air temperature has risen above 20 degrees, pour a little warm, soft water into the outlet. In no case do not allow the earth to get into the socket, this will ruin the plant.

Spray Vriesia daily, she likes highair humidity. On particularly hot days, the procedure can be carried out several times a day. Spraying, make sure that no drops of water fall on the flowers.

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