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One of a kind bromeliads: care vrieziey

One kind of bromeliads: care vrieziey

Vrieziya - unpretentious and very beautiful houseplant, referring to the bromeliad family.

Its cultivation does not bring you trouble, because for the full development vriezii only fresh air and moderate humidity.

Bright and powerful foliage - the undoubted meritvriezii. Even in a period of rest, it looks very elegant and attractive. What can we say about the blossoming vriezii, it becomes a real decoration of the room. Themselves flowers are inconspicuous and quickly fall off. However, the bracts may be held for several months and have impressive appearance. It is thanks to him vrieziya got its nickname "blazing sword."

Placing vrieziyu best on the eastern orwestern windows. The plant feels comfortable in the bright but diffused light. Of course, you can put a flower on the northern and southern windowsills, but then behind it need more careful care.

The optimum temperature in the spring and summer - 24-26 degrees, and winter - about 18-22 degrees. Remember that special attention should be paid to soil temperature - not lower than 18 degrees. Otherwise, the plant will die.

vrieziyu summer should be watered abundantly. If the air temperature rises above 20 degrees, pour into the socket a little warm soft water. Under no circumstances do not allow to fall into the outlet particles of the earth, it will ruin the plant.

Daily spray vrieziyu, she loves highair humidity. In a particularly hot days procedure can be performed several times a day. Sprinkling, be careful that the water drops do not fall on the flowers.

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