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Another time about sorrel


Once more about sorrel</a>

Each gardener on the site must have a place for growing vitamin greens.

In a large list of such greenery is included and all known sorrel.

This perennial plant, which has an original sour taste.

In addition to the unusual taste, it is also extremely useful.

In young leaflets of this plant contains vitamins of group B, vitamins C, K, E, and also trace elements: calcium, iron, phosphorus.



Soil for growing sorrel should be fertilizedOrganic fertilizers, cleared of weeds, moderately moisturized. The plot is better to choose sufficiently lit. In the shade, the leaves of the sorrel will be stretched.


Plant sorrel usually by sowing seeds in the ground. You can sow seeds in spring, summer and autumn (for winter). At the spring planting (in April) the harvest can be obtained in late summer. At the summer planting (in the end of June) young greens can be received in May of the next year. You can plant sorrel for the winter (in October) and also in the early spring will appear vitamin leaflets. Here it should be noted that the plant must be in time to take root.


Seeds are sown in striae in rows with a distance between them of 20-25 cm. It is necessary to monitor the depth of seeding (0.5-1 cm), otherwise the seeds can not ascend. Seedlings will appear in 10-12 days.


Care of the plant is to watering, weeding,Loosening. When watering the main thing - to use a watering can with small holes - this will not form a crust on the soil, and seeds will not wash out. It is necessary to make sure that the land is moist, but not over-moistened, otherwise the seeds can rot. Be sure to seed the shoots. Leave between the plants need 5-7 cm. Thinned plants give larger leaves. Once every two weeks, it is necessary to loosen rows between rows.


Cut the leaves of sorrel need, when their sizeWill reach 8-10 cm. Regular harvesting of greens gives rejuvenation and a smaller accumulation of oxalic acid. If there is no need to collect the seeds of sorrel, then the peduncles must be cut to the root. When there is a massive arming (this usually occurs the next year), you can mow all the plants. Mowing beds should be watered. Thus, sorrel will be rejuvenated. In one place this plant can be grown no more than 4-5 years.

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