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Once again on sorrel

Once again on sorrel

Every gardener in the area be sure to have a place for the cultivation of vitamin greenery.

In a big list of such greenery and includes all known sorrel.

It is a perennial plant, which has the original sour taste.

In addition to the unusual taste of it still and extremely helpful.

The young leaves of this plant contain B vitamins, vitamins C, K, E and minerals: calcium, iron, phosphorus.



The soil for the cultivation of sorrel should be fertilizedorganic fertilizers, cleared of weeds, moderately moist. The plot is better to choose a sufficiently illuminated. In the shadow of sorrel leaves will be drawn.


Sorrel usually planted by sowing seeds in the ground. Sow seeds can spring, summer and fall (before winter). With spring planting (in April) the harvest can be obtained at the end of the summer. In the summer planting (in late June) young greens are available in May next year. You can put sorrel before winter (October) and will also appear vitamin leaves in early spring. It should be noted that the plant should have time to take root.


Seeds are sown in furrows in rows with a distance of 20-25 cm between them. It is necessary to monitor the depth of seeding (0.5-1 cm), otherwise the seeds may not come up. Seedlings will appear after 10-12 days.


care of plants is watering, weeding,loosening. When watering the main thing - to use a watering can with a fine mesh - so will not form a crust on the soil, and the seeds will not be washed. Care should be taken so that the ground was moist, but not waterlogged, otherwise the seeds may rot. Be sure to thin out seedlings. Leave between the plants should be 5-7 cm. The decimated plants produce larger leaves. Once every two weeks is necessary to loosen the aisle.


Cut off the leaves of sorrel need when their sizereaches 8-10 cm. The regular collection of greenery provides rejuvenation and less accumulation of oxalic acid. If there is no need to collect the seeds of sorrel, the flower stalks should be cut off at the root. When the mass of bolting (this usually takes place in the following year), you can mow all the plants completely. Beveled flower bed should be watered. Thus, sorrel rejuvenate. At one point, this plant can be grown no more than 4-5 years.

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