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On what issues cause in arbitration court

On what issues cause in arbitration court

The arbitral tribunal shall cause mainly representatives of organizations and individual entrepreneurs on issues directly related to their business activities.

In addition, the data in the system of courts to settle disputes with the authorities of companies, some other issues.

arbitration courts system operates successfullyin parallel with the ordinary courts, while having a clear definition of powers. The range of issues which cause the arbitral tribunal is designated in Chapter 4 of the Arbitration Procedure Code of the Russian Federation. The general rule provides that arbitration courts settle disputes associated with organizations that have the status of a separate legal entity, individual entrepreneurs. This subject of the dispute must arise directly from the commercial activities of these persons. In some cases, when considering disputes in the designated court may be called by representatives of state bodies, ordinary citizens that specifically stated in the said chapter.

Relationships with government agencies

In addition to economic disputes between the companies,entrepreneurs in the system of arbitration courts to hear cases arising from the public relations. In this category are united disputes relating to the invalidation of regulations, enforcement regulations, decisions, actions of officials. In addition, these courts are resolved certain administrative cases, they appealed against the decisions of other bodies that attract companies and entrepreneurs in the administrative responsibility. Disputes entrepreneurs with tax authorities also attributed by law to the competence of the arbitration courts.

Other categories of matters resolved by the arbitral tribunal

Apart from the economic and public disputes in the systemarbitration courts considered the case, the purpose of which is the recognition of certain facts in the field of entrepreneurship, challenged the decisions taken by the system of arbitration courts. Also, it is within the competence of the judiciary assigned special issues related to the insolvency of business entities, the protection of intellectual property rights, the protection of business reputation of the business. To allow different categories of disputes in any court of arbitration established judicial structures, which include judges, specializing in specific issues. This separation allows to provide high quality, the speed of the proceedings, the minimum number of solutions to be revoked later. Call to the arbitral tribunal may, as a plaintiff, defendant, third party.

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