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In what the Chinese online buy cheap baby clothes

On what Chinese website to buy cheap baby clothes

Online shopping on foreign websites is gaining momentum in Russia. The popularity of shopping abroad in our country due to the relatively high threshold of Customs - 1000 euros per month.

For that kind of money you can put the whole family, children are no exception.

The largest Chinese website, which sells children's clothing, is Aliexpress.com.

It is a shop aggregator that sends directly in Russia, which is not the Taobao.com.

How to choose a seller

Since Aliexpress is a greattrading floor, where there are thousands of vendors, the selection of cheap children's clothing is huge. The same position can sell different shops at prices that are significantly different. How to make the right choice? First, look at the performance rating and reviews from customers because of your country. The smaller the feedback and assessment below, the higher the risk. Second, pay attention to the price - if it is significantly lower than neighboring Celler rid of nekonditsiyu or an advertising campaign - only in the second case, you get a really good offer.

Unfortunately, not always a high ranking ensures the loyalty and friendliness of the staff shop.

Not to be mistaken with the size and color, engage in conversation with the seller - it will help you not only to make the right choice, but also to understand how adequate people working with your order.

How to buy

The site common methods of payment: with Visa cards, Mastercard and Maestro, as well as electronic wallets Webmoney, Qiwi. After the cancellation of your account with the money coming to the general account by Aliexpress? Celler and will not receive them until such time as you do not confirm the receipt of the order. This is to protect buyers and sellers monitoring.
From the moment of payment until the actual shipment takes placethree to five days - during which time the clerk processes the order is the correct position, package and relates to the post to give the track number. It is for this number, and the system you will track the progress of the package.

Predict the time of receipt is not possible - in its path departure are many stages of both the Chinese and our side.

How to receive a parcel

The clothing is very difficult to spoil in transit,but the trouble happen with her. Therefore, upon receipt, make sure that the weight of the parcel as declared on her no visible damage. Reveals also desirable directly from the post office. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the goods, open debate, and provide evidence of poor quality, inconsistencies attachments description or the lack of any position.

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