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On the situation in Ukraine from the perspective of an outside observer

Chess game

KakProsto - a social network of councils, and not a political blog.

However, I would like to share my vision of the events now taking place.

We will consider this advice or my point of viewnot so much on the situation itself, but rather on ways of adequate and impartial perception. Media because of their work specificity rarely convey objective information and forms, above all, the emotional background of the population.

5 minutes of news, or find online - and you're full of emotions and crying in the hearts of "ah, they are!" "Yes we do!", Etc.

But a person has a great gift - an abstract thinking.

We have the ability to be distracted from what we see and hear, start asking yourself questions and answering them, form their own, albeit a subjective view.

Events happening today in Ukraine - it isonly a part of the great gameplay, which was started in ancient times. In this process, there are participants, objectives, rules, but the most important thing - this game can not stop. We live and live for a long time as part of a very complex system of geopolitical and economic mechanisms, which affect nearly all countries. And this system is constantly changing.
Consider the world in terms of the major players. Now there are three main centers of power: China, Russia and the US + Europe. Each of these players has its own interests, goals, objectives, and certain agreements with smaller players. And there are initial conditions at the moment in which these players are. What are they?
The US is the world's largest economies,whose currency is the world's reserve. At the same time there are a number of interesting points. Let's start with the fact that the United States is also the world's largest debtor. Those. for decades occupied the country from other countries money on its content. From the standpoint of economic theory, a situation where the currency of the world's largest debtor is the backup and the primary for the whole world, is not possible. It just can not be. But why is this so? It's all about the status of the country. The US is the "strong" player in the political arena. It soothes the creditors. Those. logic is this: yes, we can see that the US take more and more, but they are big and strong, and nothing will happen to them. Strangely enough, running a sort of "yard" logic: the bully - the strongest, and he "took" our money, but nothing, it always returns to us, as is sure to become successful. Therefore, in order to maintain their economic status, the United States simply have to show the world its political and military power. This combination - a guarantee of economic stability. guarantee stability of its political elite. This view explains the behavior of the United States in decades. Military conflicts, loud political statements, the policy of double standards. With the economy and currency, contrary to logic, they commit the same contrary to the political and military action.
Russia has historically been a strong player. Over the past 10 years, our impact on the world has increased enough, and we have significantly interfere with some of the US actions. In this game there is no malice. It's just a law: if the game is a good player, he has any of its actions might interfere with another player's strategy. Strengthening Russia - it is a potential threat to US status. Those. at some point in the next actions of the USA, demonstrating force may meet with resistance from another strong player. It recently happened with Syria. What actions should take the player whose positions are increasingly threatened by the other? He must weaken his position. It's just the rules. Many people think: "But why just can not stop playing and just live in peace?". Unfortunately, this game is no exit, and stop playing - then lose.
Imagine that you stop playing Monopoly. Within a short period of time the other players buy up all the objects around you and you will begin to ruin. In reality, the same thing happens. Thus, the US strategy - the weakening of Russia (and not to be biased - Russian strategy is inversely proportional). And then there is such a unique opportunity - to Ukraine. A neighbor, brotherly nation, torn by contradictions since the separation. I will not say that this state of the country's artificially maintained from the outside, but recent events have provoked exactly, deliberately. Russian distracted by the Olympic Games.
Progress made. An active party of the two main parties, where the main task - or build on the success, or not to lose the position, or to minimize the damage. All that we are now seeing in the media - is part of the game with their specific tasks to weaken or strengthen the position.
We analyze the latest developments. After the start of the Crimean stories in the media got hysterical about the ruble. On Monday, the course really sharply "dipped" because of the panic in the markets and the public. Surely, if you do not have to translate the savings into dollars (Note, by the way, that you have to buy foreign currency the opposing player), then just succumbed to the general panic. What's next? The Central Bank had to calm the panic in the markets through active currency interventions. On Monday, March 3 the Central Bank spent nearly $ 10 billion to meet the demand for the currency to keep the ruble to fall even lower. This has weakened Russia's reserves. Those. information warfare is also aimed at weakening the position of the player. I will not enumerate further actions of the parties in the coming days. In general, the logic is clear. This is a great multi-dimensional chess game. One of the thousands of games, played out in the global geopolitics in the last thousand years.
What makes this approach to the assessment of the situation? It allows you to not succumb to panic and not to take wrong decisions. Now I'm not going to praise our government and the president, but this game is in any case carried out by professionals. The problem people in the country, once you think you are its people, at this moment - not to begin to interfere with his own country. Nobody will fight in the Crimea with his brothers the same. It's just a political move. One of many. The ruble is not devalued. To do this, there are no economic reasons. No one will talk to us war. Neither real nor economic. All countries and economies are too tied to each other. All will suffer. It is the party of poker where each player has a certain set of cards and bluffing, hoping to win the game.
The saddest thing is that everything that happens much beatsfor ordinary people. All of these games are tears, blood and misery of ordinary people. This inhuman game, but those are the rules of this world. Policy is considered a "dirty business", not because there stealing. We have to accept the forced solutions that bring grief to his people. This is a great moral burden. And most politicians because of this simple atrophy of compassion center. Think of doctors. They have the same thing happens. How do you think the doctor will last a long time if they will be emotionally involved in the patient's distress and his family? He just quit or sopetsya. Callousness and cruelty - is a necessary characteristic of certain occupations. And politics - one of them.
Let's hope that the situation is settled, and the party will soon be completed.

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