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USE of olive oil for cosmetic purposes


Use of olive oil for cosmetic purposes</a>

Olive oil is one of the most useful oils when cooking.

But it can also be used for cosmetic purposes.



Good blood circulation is importantTo ensure a natural shine of the skin. Weekly massage with olive oil not only increases blood circulation, but also moisturizes the skin, helps to keep it young. Also for the massage, you can use olive oil along with essential oils, pre-lightly heating them for a few seconds.


If you suffer from dry skin, mixOlive oil with sea salt and massage dry areas of the skin. You can also mix a few tablespoons of olive oil with 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil for bathing. It's an easy way to relax and moisturize your body.


Get rid of ugly stretch marks on the body withUsing olive oil. It promotes skin regeneration, and also increases its elasticity. It not only prevents the appearance of new stretch marks, but can also lighten them. Massage with hot olive oil on problem areas 3 times a week.


For chapped lips, use oliveOil instead of the usual balm. Trying to lose weight? Replace the usual oil with olive oil. Fight cellulite? Mix the coffee grounds with olive oil and massage on the skin.

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