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Office Partitions: types, materials, mounting features

Office Partitions: types, materials, mounting features

Modern office partitions - is not only a delimited space, mobility, and comfortable working conditions.

Office partitions - it is a handy tool that will help transform the space into a stylish, user-friendly and ergonomic office.

Types of office partitions

All walls can be divided over severalsigns: on a functional purpose, by the presence of glass, the type of glass and the frame. Also, the partition can be divided by sound insulating properties, the level of fire safety and fire resistance.

differ in their functions: mobile, fixed, sliding (modular), partition walls. As well as deaf, combined and transparent desktop screens. By type of glazing isolated single and double. As for the frame, there can be divided into partitions: frameless, steel, aluminum, glass and plastic.

It should be noted that the stationary partitionsyou need to attach to the floor and the ceiling. If there is a need to move and change the location of the partition, it is best to choose a module that does not require attachment and can be transported flexibly at any desired location.

Each of these types has its incomparable advantages.

In addition, great importance should be given andmaterials from which the walls are made. Partitions made of aluminum have a long service life. The aluminum frame will not rust or corrode. Due to the fact that this metal - a material is lightweight and flexible enough, there is an opportunity to make partitions of any complexity and configuration.

Special practicality different partitions of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). They will provide good noise insulation, especially when combined with high-quality glazing.

Modern office staff appreciatespartitions made of glass. Not only do they allow you to save electricity and to work longer in the daylight, but also visually increase the total office space. And glass partitions are advantageous in that working in a private room, the head, however, remained in the team and can manage workflow.

But, nevertheless, the leading position occupied by the lungsmobile partitions. This is facilitated by several aspects: first - ease of assembly, and secondly - the possibility of free movement. Mobile walls are not very high, as their main task - to hide the person sitting at the table working.

The analog mobile partitions areSliding screens. Office partitions sliding type are ideal for the delineation of a large space. The main advantage - that are easy to assemble separate cabinets, and when needed, simply and quickly merge into a single space.

Office partitions help to create an original design, comfortable working conditions and use workspace sparingly.

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Nuances of the installation of office partitions

Having understood that a presentoffice partitions, it will be easier to delve into the features of their installation. So, when it comes to mobile partitions, there is a special installation is not required. All you need - is to build a mobile frame of a set of available components. Conventionally, these constructs can be divided into and frameless frame. The frame consists of a frame, which carries the panel screens. A partition, in which no frames are fastened to the walls, floor or ceiling. Price mobile version is much lower, but it can not always meet all the requirements that are needed to create a unique design of office space.

With regard to the installation of stationary officepartitions of any type, here not do without the help of mounting crew, which will set the structure in accordance with the plan. Stationary installation requires initially form an aluminum or steel frame, which must then later be inserted drywall glazing or depending on the design. Stationary office partitions because of the speed and ease of installation is called pre-fabricated walls.

Reliability is directly fixed partitionIt depends on the type of fastening of the frame. Choosing the appropriate type of fixation depends upon the size and design of the technical characteristics of your room. Not unimportant factor is the layout itself. Modern aluminum profile must be fixed either to the floor and the walls or the ceiling. For installation was high quality and fast, it should be entrusted to professional installers, are reliably and quickly collect and record a stationary office partitions. If the installation of partitions ordered from the manufacturer, it will be a guarantee not only reliable and high-quality assembly design, but also its long-term and proper operation.

During installation, there may be somedifficulties: irregular wall or ceiling or gaps. Therefore, we must remember that for fastening partition the suspended ceiling is best to use special portals or mortgage portals that provide a secure fit design. And if in the process of installation of glass partitions any gaps, it can hide defects with silicone or a transparent adhesive tape, although a more professional option - apply to glass joints special connectors.

Office partitions - a modern form of stationary or mobile office furniture, which perfectly fit into any space, depending on the interior style and needs of the company.

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Partitions for offices helpquality plan to do large surfaces, expertly conceal office equipment, cables, wiring and other communications, creating a unique design and a comfortable working space.

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