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Of what constitutes beauty girl

What constitutes the beauty girl

Almost every girl dreams of becoming a beauty when she grows up.

And what is it, a real beauty, and what distinguishes it from many other girls?

Are there any features, which can surely recognize the truly beautiful young lady?

Not so easy to identify uniform criteria, inaccording to which a woman is considered (or considered) beauty. Nevertheless, certain patterns can be traced all the same. Beauty is made up of some of the features of appearance and behavior of women.

External aspects of beauty girl

Regular features, high cheekbones,porcelain-white skin, straight teeth and plump lips - everything is fine, but do not necessarily have to be a girl, which is considered beautiful. Sometimes the special charm of the young lady give it light imperfections of her appearance: freckles and a snub nose, slightly upturned upper lip. The most important and well-groomed girl is how it monitors their health and appearance. Smooth skin without inflammation and peeling, almost untouched tan, healthy teeth, clean, styled hair - these are the distinctive features of beauty.
Another feature of the exterior of a trulybeautiful girl - it is a good figure. Not necessarily its parameters must be equal to the notorious 90-60-90, but the waist volume still does not have to be about equal to the volume of the breast and thighs. In any case, the girl is beautiful, which does not neglect sports - she chiseled silhouette, and the muscles are in good shape. In addition, in druzhaschego sport young lady often proud posture and easy elastic gait, it makes a difference in the crowd.
Beautiful girl can be dressed enoughmodestly, but with taste. It is not necessary, it is the things of the actual fashion collections, but each article of clothing a girl emphasizes her dignity and lets not focus on minor flaws appearance. Like it or not, they are all people, because each of us is still not perfect. If she can not afford expensive jewelry, her style can be emphasized and jewelery, but of good quality.

How does the pretty girl

The one that claims to be beautiful, just do notcan be haughty and cold. This girl is polite and friendly with everyone - both with friends and with strangers. She involuntarily admired even accidentally met people. She goes through life smiling, and her warmth is enough for everyone.
It often happens that a girl does not matchclassical canons of beauty. But if in this case it behaves like a beauty, something others do not doubt its exclusive appeal. In other words, self-confidence and a positive attitude - are the main components of beauty.

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