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How to obtain the Master of Sports

How to get a Master of Sports

Among the achievements in sport, in addition to trophies and medals, there is a very honorable award - the rank or ranks, the most respected of them - the master of sports.

To become a master of sports, you have to work hard, because it is the title - the recognition of professional athlete.



The sports that are included in the program of the Olympic Games to become masterohm sport necessary to achieve one of threeprizes on games or set a world record (as an option - 2 European record). In addition, the title also awarded for winning the World Cup. Also, the first title in the near future will give to those who scored the necessary points for a special qualifying table. The same thing will happen with the honored coaches as a well-known newspaper specifies.


In sports which are not represented in the Olympicgames the title will be awarded as a result of appearances in official competition stipulated norms. Also to be considered the number of victories over rivals in the state tournament. In sports where there is implementation of quantitative standards, can also be assigned to points on the table.


Once you get the desired table andHelp from the coordinator of the tournament where you have followed this norm, you have to go to a local sports committee and complete representation. Sports Committee forwards the presentation and other documents to the Ministry of Sports of Russia. Ministry verifies and registers them, and then sends a representation to the relevant association, which has, in fact, and you are awarded the title. Later documents again transferred to the Ministry, where the title of the assignment is made by the order. Certificate and a badge sent to your sport committee, which officially will present them to you.

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