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How to get a court decision


Civil and criminal proceedings are characterized by a number of significant differences.

In particular, in criminal cases, a verdict is pronounced, not a judgment, as in civil cases.

The verdict must be read by the judge in full, and when passing a court decision the judge is obliged to read only its operative part.

Often it may be necessary for participants in the processGet the court's decision in full, because it is necessary both to control its execution, and to appeal the decision in higher judicial instances.

After the announcement of the operative part, the decision inFinal and complete form, including the motivated part, together with the case in question in the office. This does not necessarily happen immediately after the announcement of the judgment, drawing up a full resolution will take some time. Therefore, it is necessary to call the office every week and find out whether the decision on it has come in the final form. If, for any reason, a court order is urgently needed, you can contact the assistant judge and ask for assistance.

As soon as the decision has arrived in the office, youYou can get a court decision in full form and a writ of execution to it. On the decision of the court must be marked "laquo-entered into legal force & raquo-, as well as the signature of the judge and the seal of the court. Without these attributes, the bailiff service can not take the court's decision to enforce.

Within 10 days from the date of the decision inThe final form can be filed an appeal against the decision of the magistrate or a cassation appeal against the judge's decision. There is a risk of missing the time of final decision and missing the deadline for filing a complaint. In this case, you can file a so-called short complaint. It expresses disagreement with the decision of the court and a request is made for its cancellation, without any analysis of the reasoning part of the judgment. Such a complaint can be filed immediately after the announcement of the court decision. The filing of a short complaint does not exclude the need to file a full-motivated complaint after the final decision has been made within the statutory deadline, because if the court decision was not appealed in a ten-day period, then in accordance with Article 209 of the Civil Code it comes into force.

From abroad, you can get a court decision through the nearest Russian consulate.

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