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How to get permission to export a child


How to get permission to export a child</a>

Whether the child leaves theA tourist trip or to study for a long time, he needs permission from his parents. This document may be needed when obtaining a visa from another state, and on the border in Russia.

And if you know how to properly issue this permission and not postpone it until the last moment, the administrative formalities will not spoil your trip.

You will need

  • - Passports of parents-
  • - the passport of the child (if he is already 14 years old) -
  • - birth certificate of a child-
  • - money sufficient to pay for the services of a notary.



Contact the embassy of the country where yourThe child will receive a visa. Specify whether they need the consent of the parents with a certified translation to apply for a visa. Some states require permission to leave their parents, even if the child does not go alone, but with the family.


Find a notary who draws up similardocumentation. This can be done by contacting the directory of organizations in your city and finding the category "Notary offices" in it. The cost of services for them is usually not much different, so choose a notary who is closer to your home.


Call the notary office and make an appointment, if possible. This is more convenient than waiting in the queue - the design of notarial documents can take a lot of time.


Come to the notary together with the child, his documents and the parent who will sign the permit. In the permission to leave, the country to which the child leaves must be indicated.


If this is required for obtaining a visa, take the permit to the translation agency and order a notarized translation into the required language. It will take a few days.


If the father of the child is not entered in the certificate ofBirth, permission on his behalf to make out is not necessary. In this case, a certificate from the registry office at the place of residence is sufficient, that the mother is the sole guardian of the child. In the event that one of the parents is deprived of parental rights, the situation is similar - just a court decision.


If the second parent retains his rights andIs inscribed on the birth certificate, but the location is unknown, contact the court in order to recognize it as missing. Judicial decision can take quite a long time. To speed up the process, find a lawyer who will help you prepare the necessary documents. With the court decision, you can take the child out without the permission of the absent parent.

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