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How to get a visa in Krasnoyarsk


How to get a visa in Krasnoyarsk</a>

Getting a visa yourself is not so easy, especially if you are going abroad for the first time.

However, the procedure for obtaining a visa can and simplify, if you turn to a well-established agency.

Krasnoyarsk is almost a "millionaire city", so there is more than enough to get a visa in the capital of the region.



If you decide to get a visa yourself, thenFirst you need to contact the consulate of the country you are going to leave. You can find the addresses and phone numbers of embassies and consulates of various countries on the Internet. By the way, insofar as the Consulate of Slovakia operates in Krasnoyarsk, if you decide to get a Schengen visa, you can apply directly to this consulate (provided that you start your journey through Europe from this country).


Find out from one of the consulate's secretaries whoIt is documents for going to this or that country you will need. In addition, you can refer to one of the sites on which this information is already located (for example, on http://law-gun.ru). So for the registration of the Schengen visa in Krasnoyarsk, you will need to submit the following documents:
- original and certified copy of the passport (all pages) -

- 2 photos 3,5? 4,5 cm (colored on white background) -

- certified by the seal of the organization certificate from the place of employment-

- certificates from banks on the availability of foreign currency accounts (or a certificate of currency exchange) -

- a certified copy of the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation-

- a certified copy of the passport issued to you earlier (if available) -

- birth certificates (original and certified copy) and a certificate from the place of study of children (if they travel with you).
Note: For a trip to some countries it will be sufficient to send copies of all documents by letter with a notification or simply to provide information about yourself on the phone, but usually it is necessary to appear in the consulate personally.


After receiving from you documents and application forms, the secretary of the consulate will assign you an interview date, following which you will be given (or will not issue) a visa.


If you decide to transfer your visaEmployees of the famous Krasnoyarsk tour operator (such as, for example, "Orange") or the branch "Pegas Touristik", then the agency will immediately tell you which documents are necessary for traveling to this or that country.


Provide the agency with all the documents on the list and get ready for the interview under the guidance of experienced employees of this company. After the interview you will receive a visa.

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